If you are watching a webinar for CEU credit, it is very important that you log into Adobe Connect with your full name as your display name and type in your email address once in the webinar (the same that you registered with). Otherwise, it is difficult for us to determine that you have watched the webinar and we might miss giving you the credit you have earned. Thank you!Updated on February 4, 2016 at 1:52 pm

Getting Started

Prior to watching your first webinar, please check your computer system to make sure it will run the program well: Click Here

Option 1 For webinars

IMPORTANT:   Sign in with your First and Last name

  1. Setup Your System. Use the instructions on Setting Up Your System to download and install the Centra Desktop Application before entering the webinar.
  2. Choose a Webinar. Use the upcoming or archived webinar list.
  3. Register and Pay for your CEU. Click the CEU Registration link associated with the webinar that you chose. This will direct you to Conference Services to register and pay.
  4. Participate/watch the webinar. A minimum of 50 minutes is required in order to be eligible for a CEU

Option 2  For live webinars and archived versions of webinars recorded February 2013 and onward

  1. Click on the title of the webinar followed by “Enter the Room”.
  2. Log in as “Guest” with your Full Name and Email Address
  3. Click “Log on”. A screen will pop up asking you to open the webinar with java (if java is not installed, it will need to be installed prior to launching the webinar).
  4. Click “Ok”. This will bring you into the webinar.