If you are watching a webinar for CEU credit, it is very important that you log into Collaborate with your full name as your display name and email address (the same that you registered with). Otherwise, it is difficult for us to determine that you have watched the webinar and we might miss giving you the credit you have earned. Thank you!Updated on June 6, 2013 at 11:49 am

Setup Your System

The instructions below are only necessary if you are watching for TDA CEU or if you are having difficulty watching the webinar using your browser.
  1. Download the Centra Desktop Application for PC or Mac.  This is required if you are watching for TDA credit. If this application is not used, your attendance is not logged.
  2. Install the desktop application. Administrative rights are required for your computer.
  3. Test your system. Run the Centra System Check after you install the desktop application.