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Jun 7

June 7, 2018 • • Dr. Vanessa Corriher-Olson

You will learn how fertilization is key to the persistence, productivity and nutritive value of our introduced pastures and hay meadows in Texas.

2018 Texas Range Webinar Series

January 4 – (1 IPM CEU) – Improved Pasture Weed and Brush Management, James Jackson

The management of invasive weeds and brush in improved pastures is critical to maintain production for either hay or cattle grazing. To receive the maximum benefit of weed and brush management, it is necessary to consider many factors such as timing of application, application methods, products used, and target weed and brush species.

February 1 – The Sin of Overgrazing, Dr. Emi Kimura

This webinar focuses on common signs of overgrazing and how it affects to the forage production and animal performances. Overgrazing is the worst enemy to pasture and rangeland during the drought conditions common across Texas.

March 1 – (1 Laws & Regs CEU) –Pesticide Laws and Regulations, Morgan White

An overview of Texas laws and regulations pertaining to licensed pesticide applicators. CEU requirements, recordkeeping issues, EPA’s revised Worker Protection Standard rules, and the revised Certification and Training rules will be addressed. Lastly, some quick tips for staying in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations will be given.

April 5 – Lessons Learned in Preparing for Drought Management, Dr. Cody Scott

There are few certainties in range management. For those living in much of Texas, we can typically expect below average precipitation and drought. This presentation will focus on sound grazing management practices that can allow any landowner to avoid the pitfalls of unpredictable rainfall patterns.

May 3 – (1 General CEU) – Mesquite and Mixed Brush Herbicide Treatments, Dr. Bob Lyons

Mesquite spray-season is approaching. This webinar will deal with the various methods for managing mesquite including aerial and ground broadcast spraying, individual plant stem and leaf treatment techniques, mechanical options, and prescribed burning.

June 7 – TBA

July 5 – (1 IPM CEU) – King Ranch & Kleberg Bluestem Management, Dr. Megan Clayton

Invasive grasses can be very difficult to control.  King Ranch and Kleberg bluestems are two of the more common undesirable grasses in pastures.  This webinar will cover how these grasses respond to management techniques and strategies to prevent their spread.

August 2 – Troublesome Mustards in Texas, Dr. Barron Rector

The Brassicaceae or Mustard Family is the sixth largest family of plants in Texas with 46 genera and 123 species. Many are introduced annuals, such as the bastard cabbage, Rapistrum rugosum.  This webinar will help you learn to identify plants in this group and their value on your land.

September 6 – (1 Drift CEU) Spray Equipment Setup: Reduce Drift and Save Money, Dr. Josh McGinty

This webinar will cover the details of setting up a sprayer so that spray applications can be made as accurate and efficient as possible. Additionally, spray nozzle types will be discussed to better understand the differences among nozzles with regard to spray coverage and drift.

October 4 – Nutritional Monitoring of Range Animals, Dr. Doug Tolleson

In this webinar we will discuss current and emerging methodologies to monitor the nutritional status of free ranging livestock and wildlife: From as simple as kicking a cowpie, all the way to interpreting infrared satellite imagery, there are ways to learn what animals are eating and what nutrients they may be lacking.

November 1 – Last Chance CEU Webinars, Pete Flores

Are you in need of more Pesticide Applicator CEUs?  Private applicators need 15 CEU’s every 3 years and 10 of these can come from online courses.  We will be opening up 10 courses (1 CEU each) for Registration and CEU credit during the month of November.  The cost is $10 per CEU and certificates will be issued by mid-December.

December 6 – Understanding Grazable Acres, Dr. Bob Lyons

This presentation will discuss some reasons for and guidelines to help manage when, where, how many, how often, and how long animals use different parts of the landscape and how they can be adaptively applied in different situations to achieve desired outcomes.